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  • Rory
    “I never thought this would happen to me as a Silver-Top at 78 years. I was given an E-Gift for a Ikigai Coach and for the Ikigai App. Am eating humble pie now as I scoffed at it initially. In 3 months, I am wrapping up my small IT company and returning to the priesthood. So surreal. Thank you, Jodie. And yes, God does work in mysterious ways!
  • Wagheedah
    I didn’t expect to get such a young Ikigai Coach for guidance. Tina is a bit younger than me. What could she know about life? This is so embarrassing for me. Well, never say never. And she was so tough on me! My path is clear. Thank you, Tina!
  • Jamie
    I had NO idea what I was going to do with my life. As a youth leader and doing well academically there are high expectations of me. Lot of pressure. A daily grind of gritting my teeth and smiling at everyone. The Ikigai App opened up Unique Purpose and Dream Career and getting Carol as my Ikigai Coach has been life-changing for me. So grateful to focus on my Ikigai – my reason for being.
  • Armand’s Mom
    I was so worried about my son. 17% for Maths! Playing the disruptive clown in class. Two weeks after completing Ikigai Armand scored 78% for Maths. Didn’t even have Maths lessons. I was stunned. Angela, you are a star and gave me, my son back. Armand is focused on his studies and career now. An absolute delight!
    Armand’s Mom
  • Bradley
    I loved the Ikigai App. My Personality Type is ENTP - The Innovator. My Unique Purpose Priority is Helpful, Analytical and Imaginative, and my Work Style is Hybrid. Done at my own pace on my phone, stopping and starting, with no-one staring over my shoulder. Nice long list of 3,500+ careers from which to choose. Under lockdown I was so “What’s the point?” Parents were stressing. The App gave me insight and Belinda, my Ikigai Coach, helped me set out my plan. Feeling hopeful again for a bright future. Thanks B.

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