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Discover your Ikigai with your unique TAT

A TAT is a 4-letter, digital number representing your unique characterists. Think of a TAT as a digital tattoo.

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Ikigai TAT's

What is a TAT?

These TAT numbers, along with the help of our Ikigai Coaches, will put you on a path of success. Your success will be a result of identifying your personality type, your reality or fantasy dreams and goals, your unique purpose in life, and your dream career.

In total seven questionnaires or, what we call, stages. Our Ikigai Coaches will then help you further between certain stages. Each stage will help you identify a different characteristic or trait about yourself. After you have completed each stage, you will be given your own digital tattoo, your TAT.

Click on TAT Examples and TAT Explanations to help you understand each TAT structure.

TAT Examples